Please note that Studio Cirq on Meyers Place is now closed as of 28 November.  The Studio is re-locating to a new city venue to open in January 2015.  The new timetable will be launched in January.  Please stay in touch via this website or the email newsletter

The classes listed below are available on a drop in basis and are open to all.  We provide all equipment and mats which are cleaned after each yoga class.  You are welcome to bring your own mat if preferred.   Change rooms are provided for female and male clients. 

are paid at the start of the session or with a pre-paid class pass.

How to buy a pre-paid class pass online

From the Timetable page, select the class you would like to attend using the Sign Up button

Log in or create a user identity with password

Go to the Online Store - the tab is in the navigation

Purchase your class pass via credit card.  You will get a confirmation email.

Collect your pass at the front desk prior to class. 
If you are renewing and have a bar code pass, the credit will be added to your pass.

Classes suitable for beginners:
If you are new to yoga we recommend that you begin with one of the dynamic yoga classes or join a beginners course

If you arrive about 10 minutes before the start of a class, you will feel calmer, settled and more receptive. 
Avoid eating a big meal for two to three hours before class. Practising on a full stomach could result in cramps or nausea.
Drink water after the class.
Please tell your teacher about injuries, pregnancy or conditions that may affect your practice.
Menstruating students should follow special instructions from the yoga teacher.
We encourage our clients to give feedback to teachers. It will help us improve our sessions in the future.

Guide to Yoga Classes

Ashtanga Yoga synchronises breath and movement to develop a calm, focused mind while performing a flowing, energetic sequence of postures that will increase strength, stamina and flexibility,
Dynamic Yoga aligns movement with breath into a continuous flow. A creative sequence, gradually builds toward the key postures of the class. All classes conclude with savasana - a full body relaxation.
Ying Yang Yoga combines warming, dynamic sequences with deep, restorative poses.
Yin Yoga deep sustained stretches to release tension and build strength.  The effect is a feeling of lightness, vitality and improved muscle tone

Guide to Mat Pilates classes
General/Intermediate Level Mat Pilates includes a good mix of basics and more.
Advanced Pilates is fast moving, often incorporating more equipment to add challenge. Good technique and a firm understanding of the key principles of Pilates is essential

Vital Rhythms.  Not strictly Pilates but a heart-pumping, strength training class for a firm, defined body. Inspired by the principals of Pilates with strong influences of yoga and dance, Arianna teaches a strong, fast moving class that will improve strength, flexibility

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