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The Mindful Eating Club

Studio Cirq and Nadine Cameron have come up with a new initiative that celebrates the beautiful things in life: good food, relaxed company and meditation.

The Mindful Eating club will meet monthly at a selected food venue for conversation about food and philosophy before participating in meditation and a meal.  All meals will be eaten in noble conviviality; where conversation is sparing and light. 

The purpose is to learn the skill of everyday mindfulness, increasing a sense of enjoyment of, and engagement with, life. 

These gatherings will enhance appreciation of food and provide a forum for relaxed social exchange. Meditation performed before a meal allows the mind to slow and the emotions to calm which supports easy, reflective and positive conversation. 

A group will meet on the second Sunday of every month, usually from 12pm until 2pm. 
Locations will be selected from month to month.  
The cost is per event you attend, and will depend on the venue. You will be given advance notice of the cost of each event if you join our “interested” mailing list.
Each event will have a limited number of seats but will also need a minimum number of bookings to go ahead. To ensure you don't miss out, book as soon as you can after receiving notice of an upcoming event. 

Dr Nadine Cameron is a wellbeing consultant, meditation teacher, researcher and occasional performer with a long-term interest in the body.
She is fascinated with how our health behaviours - the ways in which we eat, exercise and relax - interact with our perceptions of our physical selves in the production of wellbeing.

Sunday 18 May
11.30am - 1pm
Shoku Iku, 120 High St, Northcote
2 course vegetarian meal
Fee $45 per person

Book here

Sunday 15 June

Time tbc

Sixteen83, North Fitzroy

Vegetarian meal

Fee $45 per person

Book here



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