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New Studio Cirq

Larisa Patlay - Blue Mountains


Since 2002, Studio Cirq has taught yoga, Pilates, and related techniques in the heart of Melbourne city.

The group class timetable appeals to people who lead busy lives and who value our personalised service, on-time classes and exceptional teachers.

Additionally customised wellness programmes for corporate and government clients are provided at workplaces throughout the city.

Larisa Patlay


Corporate Classes

At the moment we are waiting for the design and renovation. It all takes longer than it was planned and is beyond our reach to speed up the process. It is a very rough and challenging road to relocate.

We are planing to open as soon as we can, aiming it to be in August.

While we resolve the challenges with the new studio, we keep running our corporate classes for businesses and companies. We would be more than happy to offer your company classes of Yoga or Pilates at your office's location (or anything you prefer).

Let us know if this is something your company would be looking for to offer to their valuable employees :)

For more information on corporate classes, please send us an email to: corporate (at)

Stay in touch via our newsletter as we progress through the fitout and plan our new programme of classes.

We will be happy to see you in our new studio when we open!

Renovation Plans

New Studio Cirq

Eager to learn more about our new studio?

We have developed floor plans for our new premises - you can click on the image above to have a closer look.

Studio Cirq team


We teach many corporate group classes in Melbourne and inner-city suburbs. 
Clients can choose from classes in yoga, Pilates or meditation.
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